So this fellow walks into a wine shop and …

house_concertLast night, before our own show, I had a chance to wander over to 202 North Main Wine Bar & Music Room for a couple of minutes just to say ‘hi’ and wish some folks a Merry Christmas.

202 Wines is a nice room, and Mike Parker has done a splendid job of building a cool listening room environment – comfortable, friendly and a very *very* nice little sound system. It sort of feels like a house concert there rather an actual music establishment. Nice vibe.

Anyway – there was a fellow by the name of Ricky Vacca playing an acoustic guitar and singing to a group of 25 or so captivated listeners. The fact that he was playing left-handed sorta grabbed me by the eyes. It always does because it sort of takes me associatively to that place where I’m practicing in front of a mirror, and it takes a femtosecond or so for my tiny little monkey mind to realize that I do not actually need to be moving *my* fingers.

I could only stay for a few minutes, but in that few minutes this cat grabbed me by the ears as well. The control that he had over his singing voice was just incredible and inspiring. In fact, it just stopped me in my tracks. To be able to transition effortlessly from a rich tenor to a very relaxed falsetto – at the same amplitude and accurately – just blows me away. I know a lot of singers – but I do *not* know a lot of singers who can do *that*! My brother John can do that, my friend James Lee Stanley can do that, and now I know Ricky Vacca can do that.

The point here: practice practice practice.

The other point here: 202 Wines is a great little room to hear some really amazing stuff. You owe it to yourself to take a little time and check it out. Another of Mooresville North-Carolina’s musical gems.

Well played Mr. Parker. Well Played.